An Atmos Vaporizer Pen Review

Vaping is slowly replacing cigarette smoking. The majority of the people who have developed the habit of indulging in an electric cigarette once in a while have cited a couple of reasons for doing that. Some will say that it is the only way to quit smoking while others will claim that vaping is by far healthier than cigarette smoking.

Regardless of the reasons that you may have for preferring electronic cigarettes, this article provides an insightful review of a popular type of vaporizer referred to as the Atmos vaporizer pen. Atmos vaporizer pen review explores the working principles of the vaporizer. It also provides the reader with an overview of some of the top Atmos vaporizer pen brands in the market.

Let’s start off the Atmos vaporizer pen review, shall we? The fundamental design of a vapor incorporates a glass or plastic tank referred to as the cartomizer, a heating element that is called an atomizer, and a suitable hygroscopic solution. The solution commonly used contains either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

Hygroscopic solutions

Hygroscopic solutions form ideal compositions of a vapor for the simple reason that they have a high affinity for water. This makes it possible to transform the solution into vapor on heating.

What Are The Heating Methods Commonly Used?

The Atmos vaporizer review would not be complete without providing the reader with information about the heating principles that are often used. These are convention and conduction. Convention refers to a heating process that is achieved without establishing physical contact between the atomizer and the hygroscopic solution. For convention heating processes, a cartridge is used I place of a tank. The atomizer is added to a polyfill medium where the heat generated is transferred by air currents to vaporize the contents of the cartridge.

Conduction heating processes

Conduction heating processes, on the other hand, involve the use of a wick and metal filament coil. The material of the coil must be made of a good thermal conductor. Aluminum, steel, and nickel are suitable materials to use for the filament. The substance to be vaporized is brought into direct contact with the heating element.

The primary disadvantage with vapors using conduction as the heating process is that they tend to produce smoke when burned dry. It is therefore required that the wick remain soaked throughout. Most of the vapors are powered by lithium ion batteries. This makes it possible for them to be designed in smaller sizes.

Before we take a look at some of the best performing brands in the market, let’s mention that Atmos vaporizer pens have been adequately tried and tested by the FDA and other reputable authorities. Subsequently, they have been approved for use in electronic cigarettes and pose no health threats to the consumers.

Now let’s proceed to the other significant section of this Atmos vaporizer pen review, top brands in the market.

The Atmos Raw

The Atmos Raw is one of the leading vaporizer pens in the market. It brags of maintaining the highest user ratings that can be attributed to its purity of taste. The Atmos Raw also supports the use of flowers and other concentrates without necessarily having to change the tank.

The only limitation that can be found in the design of the Atmos Raw vaporizer pen is in the location of the power button. Compared to other pens, users find it a bit difficult to locate the button. In spite of that, the Atmos Raw remains the top pen in the market.

The Thermovape

The Thermovape is a product from Thermo Essence. It comes in a variety of designs each of them bearing unique attachments that distinguish it from other pens from the same manufacturer. All the kits in this category come with batteries, chargers as well as adapters. The difference in them is mainly due to the chamber modules and mouthpieces.

One of the kits from Thermo Essence is referred to as the T1 kit. This kit is ideal for use with flowers and comes with a smaller plastic mouthpiece. The Evolution, another Thermovape kit, is also used with flowers only that its heating element is a thin metal convection cartridge.

Other kits that are available from Thermo Essence include The Revolution Kit, The Liquid Conversion Kit, The dart, and the Pure Flower Filter tip.

The G Pen

This is a standard pen from Grenco Science. The G Pen is not easily interchangeable with other brands in the market. This is due to the fact that the threading on the battery and the charger are different. The pen comes with a tank that uses wicks to evaporate the solution. The coil cartomizer can comfortably accommodate about 2 grams of the concentrate solution.

The carrying case is also uniquely designed to be smaller than the typical larger zipper cases that are common to most other pens.

The Trippy Stix

The Trippy Stix brags of being able to generate about 800 puffs per charge. The brand features a 7 second auto-shut that is important for regulating the heat generated by the pen. It comes in digital and regular versions, 3 different tank designs, and a wide array of colours to choose from.

One limitation that is faced with the Trippy Stix is that the design fails to include a refill tank. The tank is, nonetheless, available separately.

The Evalape

One unique aspect of the Evalape is that its tank is located where the mouthpiece is. Thus, it rates very well in terms of being stealthy. In addition to the standard battery, the Evalape comes with an LCD screen that relays information on the number of puffs remaining. It also incorporates in its design a battery management system that auto shuts off the heating element after every 10 seconds. One disadvantage of this brand is that it lacks versatility.

In conclusion, the list of best Atmos vaporizer pen brands is endless. This is because each of the models have their unique advantages and disadvantages. The factor that determines your choice would be individual preferences.