Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer Review

With more states legalizing the use of marijuana, more and more portable vaporizers are flooding the market. One of them is the Arizer Solo. Obviously, you are interested in knowing whether this paraphernalia is worth buying or not since you’re reading this Arizer Solo portable vaporizer review. Aside from that, you might be intrigued in learning some portable vaporizers that can serve as an alternative to the Arizer Solo.

The Arizer handheld vaporizeris made by Arizer Tech, a Canadian company that is also behind other vaporizers like Extreme-Q and V-Tower.  Arizer Tech is known for producing good quality products sold at reasonable prices.

How Does the Arizer Solo Look Like?How Does the Arizer Solo Look Like?

The Solo vaporizer almost has the same height as of a soda can, although it is not as wide.  It measures 4.5 inches in height with a diameter of 1.75 inches. It fits well inside the palm of an adult hand.

Its outer shell is rock solid, protecting it from wear and tear and scratches. It also protects the ceramic heating element that surrounds the stainless steel chamber. The steel chamber is found on top of the device.

There are two buttons located up front, while a series of LEDs that indicate heat levels are beside these buttons. There are also LEDs to indicate heater and charging status.

How Do You Use the Arizer Solo?

Any Arizer Solo review won’t be complete without mentioning how easy it is to operate this device.

Before you start using the Solo vape, you need to charge the lithium battery first. When the battery is fully charged, it can last up to three hours. Once the battery is charged, simultaneously press the up and down buttons to switch on the device.

To start the heating process, press the up button. There are seven temperature settings to choose from. You can look at the LED lights to know which of the settings that you have selected.

Here is a rundown of the seven temperature settings and the amount of time it would take for the Arizer Solo to reach each level:

  • Level 1- 122 degrees Fahrenheit (15 seconds)
  • Level 2- 365 degrees Fahrenheit (60 seconds)
  • Level 3- 374 degrees Fahrenheit (1 minute, 10 seconds)
  • Level 4- 383 degrees Fahrenheit (1 minute, 30 seconds)
  • Level 5- 393 degrees Fahrenheit (1 minute, 50 seconds)
  • Level 6- 401 degrees Fahrenheit (2 minutes, 10 seconds)
  • Level 7- 410 degrees Fahrenheit (2 minutes, 30 seconds)

It would take at most 2 and a half minutes for the Arizer Solo to reach the maximum temperature. That would give you enough time to pack the bottom of the device with finely grinded weed.  Once you have filled the chamber with jane and the Solo has reached your chosen temperature setting, insert the glass diffuser into the opening located on top of the unit.

You can now start making draws. On the average, you can expect around 10 to 15 draws with this vape. The heating element would run for around 12 minutes. In case you want to turn off the unit, simply press the two buttons simultaneously.

What Are Its Pros?

The Arizer Solo is designed for people who are always on the go, and its compact size allows its users to bring it anywhere they go. It can be kept inside a backpack, although it’s a bit big to be stored inside the pockets.  Other people would easily notice it when you slip it on your jean pockets.The glass mouthpiece, though, is fully removable.

The Arizer Solo’s automatic shut off feature that activates after 12 minutes prevents the device from wasting energy, so you can use the vaporizer longer.

The unit itself has a sturdy and durable feel and look. It appears capable of taking a beating from years of use.

What Are Its Pros?The glass mouthpiece may look awkward, but those who have used the Arizer Solo swear that it is vital to getting big and tasty hits from vaping weed. The glass mouthpiece also does not emit any plastic smell or taste.

In fact, some marijuana enthusiasts have proclaimed the Arizer Solo as the Volcano vaporizer of portable vapes, which is really saying something about the vapor quality of the Arizer Solo.

The very simplistic design of the Arizer Solo is another plus for this device. With only two buttons, you should have no problems switching on/off the device. And the LED lights would help you know which temperature level you selected.

Cleaning the vaporizer won’t be a worry at all. You just have to use rubbing alcohol to occasionally clean the glass mouthpiece. The unit itself does not need to be cleaned all the time.

With seven temperature settings, you should be able to choose one that fits your taste or preference. However, many of those who have tried using the Arizer Solo say either the fourth or fifth temperature levels produce the best results.

 What Are Its Cons?

The Arizer Solo isn’t perfect.

For one, the mouthpiece basically gives other people a clue of what you’re up to. You can’t just enjoy a draw or two with the Arizer Solo at a hotel lobby no thanks to the glass stem piece.
If you want a more discreet portable vaporizer, you may have to look for other models like the Pax Ploom vaporizer or the Firefly portable vaporizer.

Moreover, there is no traveling case included in the product package, which is weird because the Arizer Solo is promoted as a portable vape.

Drawing in of air can be slow, and would take you around five to 10 seconds. That’s not really bad, but if you are in a public place, taking that much time to make draws would land you in trouble.

The price is around the $200 range. It’s not pricey at all, though there are other vaporizers that you can have for a lower price and basically the same features.

Should You Get It?

This Arizer Solo portable vaporizer review underlines the obvious—that the Solo has its flaws, but overall, it is still a very solid portable vaporizer.