Atmos RX Vaporizer Review: A Compact, Affordable Vape Pen

Shopping for vaporizer pens? The Atmos RX vaporizer pen should be on top of your list.  It has the features you’d want in a portable vaporizer—quick heating time, ease of operation, low price, durable construction, and long battery life. This Atmos RX vaporizer review looks at what you should expect from the Atmos vape.

Investing in a cannabis vaporizer is one wise move you need to pursue. With a vaporizer, you can get a high without smoking weed.  And more importantly, you can get stoned in public with most of the people around you having no idea of what you are up to. It’s not surprising that a lot of cannabis smokers are jumping into the vaping bandwagon.

There are lots of vaporizer pens to choose from, but as you would learn from this review as well as other Atmos vaporizer reviews, the Atmos RX has a lot of things you’ll appreciate.

What Does It Look Like?

What Does It Look Like?The Atmos RX is reputed to be among the smallest vaporizer pens in the world. With a height of six inches and a diameter of less than an inch, it is very easy to imagine how small and compact this pen is.

The vaporizer is included in the product package that also has a couple of cleaning pieces, a USB charger, a wall charger, and a user manual.

It comes in four colors- silver, purple, blue, and black.

How Do You Use It?

Once you have uncovered the product package, you would need to charge the lithium ion battery first for around six hours. Eventually, it would only need around two to three hours for the vaporizer to be fully charged.

Now put together the parts of the vaporizer by going over the user’s manual. Then temporarily separate the chamber connector from the heating chamber, where you would put your marijuana.

Keep in mind that you should not put too much weed in the chamber, so that there is enough space for the air to pass through as well as for the dry herbs to mix well.

Once you have put enough weed into the heating chamber, screw it to the chamber connector. Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the power button multiple times. You might initially frown at the design of the device’s activation, but you must realize that it is actually a safety feature. Since it would require you to press the power button up to five times, there is a very little chance that the Atmos RX would be accidentally activated when it is in your pockets or bag.

Now once the vaporizer is switched on, press the power button again to heat up the device. Just don’t press the power button for too long, as it can result to burnt weed that can bear an unpleasant taste to inhale.

Within a few seconds, you’ll notice vapor coming from the mouthpiece. You are now ready to enjoy vaping!

What Are Its Pros?

This is one of the most competitively priced marijuana vaporizers in the market.  With a price ranging between $140 and $200, the Atmos RX is a great alternative to the more expensive vaporizers that cost more than $500.  You would have a difficult time looking for other good vaporizers sold at a bargain price.

Due to its affordable price, the Atmos RX vaporizer is an ideal marijuana paraphernalia for those who have never used a vaporizer before. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a good quality vaporizer when you opt for the Atmos RX.

What Are Its Pros?Aside from its very low price, another major selling point of the Atmos RX is its long battery life. Yes, the initial charge of the battery would take roughly six hours. But after that, it would only need a couple of hours.

And when fully charged, the battery can keep this vaporizer operating for around 72 hours, or roughly 50-plus hits. It’s hard to find another e-cig vaporizer that has a longer battery life.

Obviously, this vape pen is small and compact enough for you to slip it on your pockets. Its discreet design also means people around you won’t suspect that you are vaping marijuana and getting a high using this device.

The vape pen also heats up pretty quick, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your fix.

Lastly, it is windproof. Thus if you live in areas where it is always windy like Chicago or Seattle, then this vaporizer is definitely for you.

What Are Its Cons?

All vaporizers have its weaknesses. The Atmos RX vaporizer has its weak points as well.

The most common complaint about this vaporizer is that the heating chamber is too small that they often find themselves refilling it every now and then.

Another beef that people have with this vaporizer is that it can be very easy for it to burn the cannabis, thus it is not uncommon for users to end up having to deal with burnt material. As you know, the vapor produced by burnt weed is not the best in terms of taste and smell.

However, there are some ways to solve this problem. Aside from not pressing the power button for too long, you can stir the herbs with a cleaning tool to create some leeway for the vapor to circulate. Or you might want to put a glass screen with small holes over the heating chamber.

Should You Buy It?

The Atmos RX vaporizer is a marijuana paraphernalia that would come in handy for your out of town trips. With it, you can still get high without attracting other people’s attention. The price is definitely a major reason why you should get it—for less than $200, you can get your hands on a quality vape pen.

Although as mentioned in this Atmos RX vaporizer review, the vape pen has its shortcomings like the small heating chamber, and propensity to burn the material. Despite these flaws, the Atmos RX is still a nice vaporizer to have in your pockets.