PuffIt Portable Vaporizer Review: Cleverly Designed Vape But Fails in Vapor Quality

Has it ever struck you– especially during days when you are itching for a high— how wonderful it would be to have a vape that looks like an asthma inhaler that you can use anywhere, anytime without getting dirty looks? Well, don’t look now but there’s a vape that people will mistake for an inhaler—the PuffIt vaporizer. In this PuffIt portable vaporizer review, we’ll take a closer look at this cleverly designed vape and how it stacks up with other portable vaporizers.

Despite the increasing support to legalizing marijuana, cannabis users know that the general public still frowns at them. If they’re caught smoking in public, they would likely get arrested.  This partially explains why a lot of portable and discrete vaporizers have flooded the market, giving marijuana enthusiasts a discreet means of getting a high even in public places.

How Does It Look Like?

How Does It Look Like?Arguably the most discreetly designed herb vaporizer today is the PuffIt vape. It looks exactly like an asthma inhaler, so you can huff it anytime while the people around you think you’re just getting your asthma medication.

Just imagine the possibilities with the PuffIt X vaporizer in your bag or pockets. Pull it out while waiting for your turn at McDonalds. Before you know it, you’re getting a high even as the cute service crew member takes your order. Or heat the chamber and get a high as you jump and dance listening to Foo Fighters singing their hits at a concert.

It stands less than four inches tall, around two and a half inches deep, and about an inch wide. It has a weight of around 87 pounds. Plus, there are no extra pieces that you need to carry around.

Simply put, there’s no security guard on this planet that would be able to tell that the PuffIt is actually a vaporizer. Of course, your mom knows that you don’ t have asthma so using this in front of here could put you in a real mess.

How Do You Use It?

The PuffIt has a silver cap on its top, which when twisted off reveals the chamber. To turn the unit on, remove the magnetic cap over the mouthpiece. To turn it off, simply snap back on the magnetic cap.

Before you use it, make sure the battery is fully charged. It would take an hour to do so. Once you are ready to use it, fill the heating chamber with herb. Then pop off the magnetic cap from the mouthpiece.

You would notice that the red LED begins to flash slowly. After 30 seconds or less, the LED turns green. This means you’re ready to puff!

What Are Its Pros?

Obviously, the main selling point of the PuffIt is its biggest strength as well—its discreet design. In fact, if the question “is PuffIt the best portable vape?” is simply hinged on the design, then the answer would obviously be a resounding ‘yes.’

Other than that, there are still a lot of things to get excited about this vape.

One is that its heating system is quick. It can heat up in 30 seconds or less, and after that you can start to draw in. It would take around 10 seconds for the heat to dissipate, then you have to push the cap again.

It has eight temperature selections, from a low of 300 to a high of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. To adjust the temperature settings, simply turn the rotary dial temperature selector.

It comes with a carrying case, where you can put the charging cable and the cleaning accessories. It even has a little stand where it can sit on while it is being charged.

What Are Its Cons?

The PuffIt portable vaporizer may be getting a lot of raves for its ingenious design, but it is not getting enough positive reviews for its vapor quality.

Many of those who have tried using this vaporizer complain that it produces an unpleasant taste. Some even say that the vapor tastes like plastic. This may be due to the medical-grade silicon from which the vapor pathway of the PuffIt is constructed.

The PuffIt is miles away from other portable vaporizers in terms of vapor quality. Marijuana enthusiasts agree that other portable vapes like the Arizer Solo and the Ascent produce far better vapor compared to the PuffIt. And while the Solo and Ascent both don’t have the clever design of the PuffIt, at the end of the day, marijuana enthusiasts would still be after the vapor quality of a vape.

What Are Its Cons?Another common beef with this vaporizer is the amount of time it would take for users to take a draw. Many of the marijuana enthusiasts who have tried this vaporizer say it takes them around 15 to 20 seconds to draw in, which is quite long for a portable vaporizer.  It can be quite frustrating to use this vaporizer, especially if it’s your first time to have one.

The sound of the ventilator found under the hood can also be annoying. The ventilator is there to assist in blowing vapor into the user’s lungs.

Although the speed of the fan is adjustable using the temperature dial, the built-in fan can produce a noisy sound that would negate the discreet design of the PuffIt. If you use the vape with the ventilator at high speed, you would likely catch the attention of other people around you.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re only after the inconspicuous design of the PuffIt, then by all means get it. After all, you would be hard pressed to find another portable vaporizer that is unnoticeable as this model. Everyone around you—except the junkies, of course—would not realize that the asthma inhaler you have in your hands is actually letting you get high.

But if you’re after vapor quality, then the PuffIt portable vaporizer could disappoint you. It just does not produce the type of vapor that would have you craving for more. As any PuffIt portable vaporizer review would tell you, vapor quality isn’t the strongest suit of the PuffIt vape.