The Smokers Savior Electronic Cigarette Offer

vapors-from-electronic-cigarette Since the electronic cigarette concept has been available from around 2009-2010, the market has grown from roughly 50,000 units being sold the first year, to over 5 million being sold annually today. That is a huge increase, and rightly so, as the E-Cigarettes, as they are called provide a safe alternative to tobacco smoking. For years it has been common knowledge that smoking tobacco cigarettes causes lung cancer. Each year there are roughly 160,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States alone, and of course many more worldwide.

Electronic cigarettes work by atomizing a glycol liqui

Electronic cigarettes work by atomizing a glycol liquid that is contained within a cartridge of the cigarette, and a vapor is created that looks like, and acts like smoke. The e-liquid can be flavored, and it can be laced with nicotine, to avoid the sudden withdrawal symptoms that a tobacco smoker would experience if he or she were to quit tobacco smoking suddenly. Tobacco smoke contains over 200 carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals, as well as arsenic and cyanide. The dark, black tar that develops inside of the lungs of a tobacco smoker destroys the alveoli, which are the small sacs in the lungs that transmits the oxygen that we breathe from the lungs to the bloodstream, and then to our cells. As these alveoli are destroyed, the disease called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) occurs which ultimately results in death.

E-cigarettes offers people a constructive way to get off of tobacco

Electronic cigarettes offers people a constructive way to get off of tobacco, and yet still enjoy the same pleasures that they formerly enjoyed with cigarettes, yet with a far less dangerous device. There is the usual concern from regulatory and medical sources, mainly because they cannot control and regulate the sale of these devices, yet the consumers are the real telling point here and they have spoken. This is why the Smokers Savior Electronic Cigarette Offer is such a big hit. Smokers Savior bills itself as the next generation of smoking devices, as it can be used anywhere because it is not a real tobacco cigarette. It only gives off a water vapor when the user exhales. It does not have all of the harmful chemicals that tobacco cigarettes have, and customers are saving hundreds of dollar per month as the quit tobacco products and are switching to Smoker’s Savior.

What offer Smokers Savior Electronic Cigarett?

Volcano Inferno eCig Starter KitThe current Smokers Savior Electronic Cigarette offer allows for a free trial where a starter kit is mailed to the user for a 10 day trial. While the customer does give credit card information, if there is any satisfaction whatsoever, the kit can be returned and the card will not be charged. This is an excellent way to try out the product and be sure that it is exactly what the customer wants and will be satisfied with, before making a commitment to purchase the product. The patented technology that Smokers Savior offers delivers a smoking, or “vaping” experience, as it is called that is unrivaled by other products on the marketplace. The company claims that if you have never smoked a Smokers Savior electronic cigarette, you don’t know what you are missing.

Switching from tobacco cigarettes to E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are really very versatile gadgets, as you can flavor the vapor in many different ways. Most people who are switching from tobacco cigarettes to E-Cigs will want a nicotine flavored device, which actually has real nicotine in the cartomizer. In this way they can experience the same nicotine hit as they did when they smoked tobacco cigarettes. While there are some health hazards with nicotine, they are not near what they are from the inhalation of tobacco smoke. Some people will start out with a comparable amount of nicotine, and then gradually taper down so that the actual nicotine in the e-cigarette is much less or nothing compared to their former tobacco smoking habit.

There are other flavors that are available, so many that it would be redundant to list all of them here. However you can generally say that flavors include fruits such as strawberry, peach, lemon, grapefruit, cherry, and others. Other flavors such as chocolate, peanut butter, menthol, peppermint, and just about any other flavor that you can imagine can be purchased. You can mix your own flavors too, such as mixing strawberry with blueberry as an option. This adds a totally new dimension to smoking of any kind and E-Vapors, or e-cigarettes has created an entirely new sub culture that has really taken off. The popularity of this product has led to a nearly $2 billion per year industry, and the product is still in its infancy.

E cigarettes and Smokers Savior is no different

ecigE cigarettes, and Smokers Savior is no different in this respect, tend to resemble actual cigarettes for the most part, but they don’t actually have to look just like a real cigarette. They can be any shape, for example. Some brands come in the shape of a box, a round object, or multi-shaped devices that can hold a tank and an atomizer from within and a port to inhale the vapor. It is interesting to note that early on in the game, the leading E-cig manufacturer, Blu Cigs, was purchased by the cigarette giant, Lolliard, and RJ Renolds, another tobacco giant came out with its own line of electronic cigarettes. At this point, it is not so much which is better, ecigs or tobacco, but the tobacco industry has been put on notice. In the meantime, give the Smokers Savior Electronic Cigarette Offer a try, and see how you like it. We feel you will like it a lot, in fact we are counting on it.