Volcano Vaporizer Solid Valve Review

Plenty-Volcano-vaporizer-with-logos850px 456456Volcano vaporizer solid valve is a desktop vaporizer vaporizer and it’s made in Germany by an organization called Storz and Bickle. It works by inflating baloons through a constrained air system on the top of the chamber.

Presently it also arrives in a few unique styles. You get the chance to pick between the classic, which has the turn dial temperature alteration in front. Then again you can pick the “digit” which has a big digital temperature display situated on the front and easy buttons to adjust the temperature.
The volcano is the most proficient and least demanding approach to vape your herbs, oils and concentrates. They are the best in the market, almost all the users like the volcano vaporizer solid valve because they are reliable as well as durable.


The volcano vaporizer solid valve allows you to make custom balloon sizes, the chamber and mouthpiece are higher quality, and the replacement balloons will run you about $5-10 for each year. In order to utilize the solid valve, you simply fill up balloons, attach the mouthpiece and press in to release the vapor.

Solid Valve connection

The Solid Valve connection helps to save money on general expenses and allows you to make custom baloon sizes. It has the filling chamber for the solid valve attachment. It holds the herbs and sits on top of the Volcano. When using the vaporizer, you need to verify and crush your herbs really fine and layer the bottom of the chamber. One main reasons vaporizer has such extraordinary vapor quality and thickness is a direct result of the huge surface area that is warmed. It permits the herbs to be vaped evenly and reliably. For best results, you are required to mix up your herbs a little bit after a couple of balloons.

To start filling the baloons, you will flip the green switch which will turn on the fan. To fill the volcano you require approximately 30-45 seconds depending on the size of the balloons. One of the complaints a few individuals have with the volcano vaporizer solid valve is the amount of sound it makes while filling the balloons. On the other side, the fan is louder because it fills balloons quicker than other desktop models.

When volcano is operating

When the volcano is operating you will notice a little bit of vapor escaping from the chamber due to over-filling the balloon a bit. It’s not that big of a deal but you can eliminate the vapor from escaping by not letting the balloon get too full. You can also see the orange light lit up between the red power switch and the green fan switch. The orange light lets you know when the heating element is on and showing that the unit is currently heating up. Once the desired temperature level has been achieved, the orange light will shut off. As always, it is recommended removing the chamber from the heating element after the balloon is full to help conserve your herbs. Also it is recommended to remove the metal filling chamber insert after a couple balloons to stir up your herbs. This will make sure that you are getting a consistent vape of all your herbs and ensure the best vapor taste and quality. Once your session is complete, you can either turn off the Volcano or just leave it on if you’ll be back shortly.


  1. The Volcano’s vapor thickness, quality and exceptional outline truly set this desktop unit better than the others.
  2. It’s amazingly simple to use, simple to maintain and assembled to last. The solid valve connection configuration is assembled greatly well and can take a beating. Simply launching the balloon across the room and you don’t need to stress over it breaking because it is well designed.
  3. Additionally, the solid valve volcano inflatables are wonderful adaptable in light of the fact that they permit you to make sizes for any kind of smoking session. You can make big balloons for sessions with companions that get around 5-7 hits for each balloon or fabricate a 10 foot balloon that will get you 15+ hits. You can likewise make a littler balloon for single smoke sessions while unwinding at home.


  1. It is very expensive. At about $539, it is currently one of the most extravagant vaporizers available. But as you understand, you certainly get what you pay for.
  2. The size of the Volcano is by no means discreet thus it is not a portable unit unit. Its design was meant to be utilized within the confines of a home.
  3. The time in which it takes for the volcano to heat up could likewise be viewed as a con however it is not a major issue.
  4. Additionally, the sound when filling the balloons is louder than its rivals yet as you saw before in the feature, it fill up the balloons in a small amount of the time.

Generally, if you’re in the market looking for a desktop vaporizer with a proven name and track record, the volcano vaporizer solid valve is your best bet. I can’t say that I would recommend going for the “Digital” version just because it’s going to run you an extra USD 130, but if you are interested in the added shut off timer characteristic and the easy to read digital temperature display then by all means go for it and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.